Daycare & Home Boarding


iheartwhippets Manor is a home away from home dog day care and home boarding retreat that's dedicated to whippets; for owners who are seeking a reliable and caring specialist environment when work and travel take them away from home. We're located in a beautiful part of West Cornwall, between Camborne and Helston. Whippet guests are welcomed into the fold by myself, my partner Mark and the other canine residents: Luigi, Stanley, Coco, Bella, Pippa and Dusty and are welcomed as part of the family throughout their stay, be it for a single day or a few weeks. iheartwhippets Manor is a converted Cornish granite barn, situated within eight acres of grassland and woodland; perfect for exercising and playing. A beautiful traditional Cornish stone hedge borders the grounds. Three acres are securely protected with six-foot wire deer fencing around part of the perimeter and the remaining five acres is accessed via bolted timber gates (that have also been renovated to a height of six feet). This is to ensure the highest levels of security and protection for whippet house guests. As a whippet owner, fundraiser and a respected foster carer for many years, I have gained invaluable experience and insight into the breed and their particular doggy idiosyncrasies. I have come to understand their sensitive and cheeky nature, their cunning desire for food, their need to be kept warm and comfortable, their love for cuddles and their occasional desire for fox poop! iheartwhippets Manor is an established whippet household which means that we are perfectly placed to cater for all your whippet’s needs. We have a variety of gorgeous Charley Chau beds for them to choose from, a plethora of cosy blankets ideal for whippets to bury themselves in or under, several large comfy sofas to sprawl out on, eight acres to roam and play zoomies, and lastly a dedicated human servant in myself, on call 24/7. iheartwhippets Manor is fully insured and licensed by Cornwall Council.


"My two whippets have been going to Paola for daycare for several months now. Brian loves it so much that he jumps from the car and rushes to Paola when we arrive. With acres for zoomies and lots of comfortable chairs or beds for snoozes, they have a great time. I love to see them happily exhausted in the evening. I actually feel jealous of them when I have to go to work. There are very few people I would trust with my whippets, but have never worried at all when they are with Paola at, what I call, whippet heaven" - Melanie, Veterinary Surgeon


“Our two whippet females have come home from their 'iheartwhippets' Manor holiday chilled, relaxed and in fabulous condition. Paola and Mark took great care of the dogs in their beautiful home environment and we were never in any doubt that they were in safe hands. Paola kept us fully informed about the dogs' health and happiness (via the web) whilst we were abroad, and when we collected the dogs it was obvious that they had had a fabulous time and made some lovely whippety friends. We would unreservedly recommend iheartwhippets Manor" - Victoria


"From the moment you step into ihw Manor you feel a little bit jealous that you can’t stay there yourself! Every available soft furnishing seems to be accessible to any of the hounds milling around, from the big comfy sofa in the gorgeous country style kitchen, to the plush chairs in the conservatory. On top of that, they can also make themselves at home in a plethora of Charley Chau beds dotted around everywhere. Security is a bit of a must for me as one of my hounds is a bit of an escape artist – I am happy to say that the extensive grounds are Boo proof!" - Kerry


“We recently homed our Whippet (called Tilly) at Iheartwhippets . We wanted a dog homing service that was suited to the needs of sight hounds. We were thrilled to find iheartwhippets! Located in the fabulous Cornish countryside iheartwhippets offers a homing service that demonstrates that you needn’t leave your pets in conventional kennels – but rather homed and cared for by Paola and Mark (and the resident Whippets!). What’s great is that you get social media updates advising you that all is well whilst you are away… There’s great comfort in knowing that your loved one(s) is happy and content. You can enjoy your holiday, with just enough updates to know your precious Whippet is having a great holiday too. We asked Tilly (our Whippet) what she loved best: She said that all of the other dogs made her feel very welcome. There’s loads of outside space to run around – and Aunty Paola and Uncle Mark really cared for her. Recommended without reservation ” Ken & Alison


“We have two whippet puppies aged 4 months and 9 months. The four month old had not yet had her jabs so couldn’t travel with us when we went abroad, so we were looking for someone to care for them both whilst we made the trip. We were so lucky to have found iheartwhippets Manor. We had two pre boarding visits so that the pups could get to know Paola, Mark and their dogs, which meant that we could leave them knowing they would be well cared for. Whilst Luna the youngest pup is totally chilled out, the oldest pup Mrs Whippy was very timid around other dogs and very sensitive generally, so we were concerned that she would be happy whilst we were away. We needn’t have worried, Paola and Mark cared for our two pups in the way that we would, and gave us updates by text and social media so that we could see how much fun they were having. Mrs Whippy went from being a whippet who would stand between our legs whilst other dogs were around and running away if approached by a whippet on a walk, to being socially engaged with the other whippets, we think she even developed a crush on Stanley! Paola and Mark both care as much about the whippets emotional health as their physical health and our two pups were loved and cared for as well as they would have been at home. We cannot recommend iheartwhippets highly enough" Catherine & Simon